Swimwear Care 101

When you buy swimwear you want it to last. We pride ourselves on the high-quality stitching and long-lasting fabrics and embellishments in our swimwear - but there are many steps you can take to make the life of your swimsuit a long one.

Hand wash cold with mild soap, or preferably a cleaner specific for swimear.
(Swimwear Care solutions are available in our Swim Accessories section.)  

Put a very small amount of the cleaner or chosen detergent into a bowl of cold water or into a sink filled with cold water and hand wash without twisting or wringing. It's important to rinse very well with cold water.  You can squeeze the excess water from it without having to twist or wring it.  

Always line dry.

Do NOT use Woolite on swimwear.

Always rinse out swimwear immediately after exposure to chlorinated pools or jaccuzzis.

We are not responsible for damages caused from highly chlorinated public pools or exposure to extreme conditions or elements.

We can vouch for the effectiveness of these swimwear cleaning products from Summer Solutions:

Chlorine Rinse & Protect

Sand & Surf Swimsuit Cleaner